Qui sommes nous ? 

First Round International Creative Platform

Is a network of performing arts professionals that supports the production and performance of emerging creations. Founded by graduates of the Jacques Lecoq theatre school, First Round ICP is made up of actors, technicians and directors who collaborate and offer their individual services.

We share our know-how in order to bring together different artistic forms.

We support and welcome creations designed for international touring,

promoting the exchange between different cultures.

We defend a theatre where physicality is at the heart of our research.

We are constantly exploring our subjects in search of new forms of expression.

The platform is a tool for promoting and supporting artistic works, it organizes events to allow new shows to find their first stage and meet new collaborators. Our collective also offers theater workshops as well as space for theatrical experimentation.

Based in Paris and currently in partnership with Mákina de Cena in Portugal, First Round ICP aims to develop links and exchanges between local, European and international structures

18 Rue Ramus 75020 Paris, France TEL: (+33) 06 80 10 45 03 EMAIL: 1stround.icp@gmail.com

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