Solo by Andrea Vida, in France

Night, insomnia.

Waiting becomes unpredictable, reality mingles with dreams.

An eccentric traveller accidentally lands on Earth. It is the beginning of a strange odyssey, the preparation of the return trip to the Moon, his native land.

Death is not about being unable to communicate,

but no longer being understood.


Pier Paolo Pasolini


Creation in progress

Anything is possible



November 2020

Second presentation for "Open Ring" 1st Round ICP



March 2020

New creation session at Le Cinq //>> lockdown. Everything changes.

December 2019

Presentation for the "Journée Portes Ouvertes" 1st Round ICP - Theatre de Verre, Paris


November 2019

Project selected for the " Curiosité(s) " call of Le Cinq - Le Centquatre, Paris


June 2019

Beginning of creation - Théâtre de Verre, Paris


Andrea Vida

Director and Producer

Produced by

Photos by Sean Cackoski

18 Rue Ramus 75020 Paris, France TEL: (+33) 06 80 10 45 03 EMAIL:

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