O Relatório da Coisa
directed by Carolina Santos / Mákina de Cena

 The thing reportor “O Relatório da Coisa” in portuguese, was written by Clarice Lispector, and published in 1974 in Brazil.


Between analogies and multiple references, this short story assumes new meaning in a world that, in addition to all the electronics that rule our lives, became addicted to virtual and digital things, and where "to be" no longer belongs exclusively to the realm of reality.


According to this report, one of the barriers to overcome in order to understand what "is", is the devaluation of the word, and in preceding the nomination of things, and finding it’s true essence.

Just as the clock does not fully realize the meaning of time, words may also be ineffective in their meaning.


Carolina Santos, with the collaboration of Marco Martins and Ana Karina, transposes this short story to an intimate, absurd piece, where Miss Madeleine Prudence tries to understand what’s her next step in literature while questioning the very existence of things, by reporting the errors of Time and God’s mistakes.

First presented in Casa da Mákina, at Loulé (Portugal), from the 17th to the 22nd of September this show is now available for touring.

For more info please contact makinadecena@gmail.com.

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