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This is journey of an abyss 

go to place and discover inside ourselves.

France, South Korea

/ Physical theatre

Writen by Myungjin YOU

Directed by Jeyoung PARK

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EMEUTE-Sorry for the inconvenience

Five citizens create a riot zone to speak about anger. 

France. Director Clara Rousselin with Gaëlle Malandrone, Myung-Jin You, Tal Reuveny, Shahriar Sadrolashrafi, Sean Cackoski.Theater. 

Femme Hybride

Femme Hybride

France, Ulima Ortiz

O Relatório da Coisa

Just as the clock does not fully realize the meaning of time, words may also be ineffective in their meaning.

Directed by Carolina Santos / Mákina de Cena

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