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Myungjin YOU

Theater maker, Actress

About Myungjin

 Myung Jin You is a theater maker and actress. She began her professional training at Seoul Arts in Dance, Music and Theater.  She then trained in physical theatre and movement at the Jacques Lecoq theatre school in Paris.

 She is now based in France and works on many projects in Europe and South Korea. In Seoul (2018), she launched the "Ailes Project" initiative, which aims to educate other practitioners in movement theatre. Her physical theater comedy "2100: A space novelty" takes space opera to the stage and has already won several awards. Now she is preparing two new shows: ‘ÉMEUTE-Sorry for the inconvenience’ and ‘L'Odysée de petite coréenne’ in France. 



  2015 - 2017 Ecole Internationale Jacques Lecoq Paris : Professional course 2 years

  2014 - 2015 Seoul Art (Acting and Directing) : specialization in executive creation

  2008 - 2011 Seoul Art (BTS Fine Arts Dance Specialization) : dance and singing specialization

Expérience workshop

 2008 Beijing Mask Opera Workshop (Miryang Theater Festival)

 2010 Physical Control (Dong-Rang Theater Workshop)

 2014 Puppet Workshop (Sarah Lawrence College et La MaMa Theater)

 2015 The viewpoints and Suzuki Workshop (New york)

 2017 Labanotation (Lille)

Networking workshops

2018 Ailes Project ‘Salon des Ailes’ (Seoul, South Korea): Organizer
2019 Independent Artist workshop (Adelaide, Australia)
2019 Fringe Artist networking workshop with Nordic Fringe (Brighton, UK)
2019 Flying Carper/ Inetrnational arist mapping with On the Move, I-portunus and CAOS (Peruza, Italy) 


2018 Master class ‘The power of movement and creation’ (Seoul, South Korea)
2018 Master class ‘Mask’ (Seoul, South Korea)
2019 One day class ‘Movement workshop/ Make the scene with cartoons’ (Bergen, Norway)

Professional experience

Project Ailes  (President of Company)
   Mei (Physical Theatre): Directrice, Choreographer, Writer, Actress 
     -2021 Sogang Mary Hall Grand Theatre in Seoul, South Korea
     -2020 Obtained funding for ‘Creation and Performing’ from Arts Council Korea 
     -2019 Obtained funding for ‘Research and study for creation’ from Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture
                 AIR selected by ‘Next Generation 2019’ from La Mama International Umbria in Peruza, Italy


Cut mustard theatre 
    2100: A Space Novelty (Physical Theatre) : Director, Composer, Theater Decorator, Actress 
      -2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival, Brighton Fringe Festival Invited, Voila! Europe Festival in London invited 
      -2018 Bergen Fringe Festival, Prague Fringe Festival, The Alma Tavern Theater in Bristol (UK)
    Amundsen and Scott (Physical Theatre)
      -2019 AIR in Cornerteateret with Bergen city  

ÉMEUTE-Sorry for the inconvenience (Physical Theatre): Co-Director, Co-Writer, Actress
            -2020 Centre Culturel in Paris Les Halles in Paris, France 
            -2019 Selected by AIR in Theatre a Duree lndetermine in Paris, France
                        Invited by AIR in LE CART in Sommiers, France
                        Selected by AIR in LaMenagerie De Verre in Paris, France

‘Return’ (Immersive theatre, Puppet and visual art): Director, Actress, Puppeteer 
            -2015 Culturehub, Lamama theatre in New York, US 

‘The Sorrows of Young Werther’ (Musical Theatre): Musical Actress - Company by CJ Ent
            -2013 TBS Akasaka ACT Theater in Tokyo, Japan
            -2012 Universal Art center in Seoul, South Korea

‘Sound of Music’ (Musical Theatre): Musical Actress - Company by Hyundea
             -2012 National tour in South Korea

‘Do Do’ (Musical Theatre): Musical Actress - Company by Hakjeon
             -2012 Hakjeon Blue Theater in Seoul, South Korea 

18 Rue Ramus 75020 Paris, France TEL: (+33) 06 80 10 45 03 EMAIL: 1stround.icp@gmail.com

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